Lhankor Mhy musings

From: David Hall (100116.2616@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 01:38:15 EEST

Ah... the joys of Real Ale. I'm just back from the ale house having, with David
Scott and Colin Phillips, uncovered some potential Vingan initiation secrets.

Michael continues to enlighten us on Lhankor Mhy. For which I am grateful.
However, the ole' picky editor in me must have his say...

>That said, i endorse the examples above as good fuel for faction fighting
>(except the beard vs no beard. In My Glorantha (IMG; to coin an acronym)
>the beardedness of LM is of little import).

Well, maybe not to male LM's. But the females may have legitimate concerns...

>I guess there's a "Ban the Quill" Movement in Dragonpass, propagated by
>Oralist tribal LMs.

Oh yes, most certainly.

>I suppose that the Pavis temple is mostly made up of Nochet-type LMs, and
>that the LMs of the surrounding farmer Orlanthi are more 'traditional'.

I agree. Most LM's who followed Dorasor, a member of the royal family, would
have been Nochet royalists. The LM's from the clans would have had their
credence stripped from them in the harsh climate and terrain. What use is an
oral tradition in such a new land? A written tradition can probably find
something useful to quote about Prax and Praxian survival.

>One thing i neglected to mention explicitly was that Clan LMs (mask of
>Wisdom) are mostly elders, who retire from more physically active cults
>like Orlanth and join the cult of the Knowing God (possibly Orlanth
>Aldorman or Lawspeaker)

I have always had the impression that clan knowing companions were full priests
of Lhankor Mhy.

But, now I must be to bed. Tomorrow I leave for Germany with Mr. Cheng and the
megacorp groupies.

All Hail the Reaching Megacorp!

David Hall


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