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Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 01:38:05 EEST

> From: "Erik Sieurin" <>
> Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 11:26:48 +0100
> Subject: Durulz
> A troll on the subject of the Durulz:
> Since people work hard to get rid of the luggage from Tolkien and
> Gygax that the Aldryami and Mostali have been carrying, isn't it time
> that the poor Durulz could drop their luggage from Disney and Warner

> Bros? I loved the Durulz pictures in Wyrms Footprints, BTW.
> Erik Sieurin, who happens to be a member of NAFS(k), Nationella
> Ankistiska Forbundet i Sverige (kvack), The National Donaldist
> Society of Sweden (quack).

Not a troll, Erik! This is a perfectly reasonable statement and one the smarter
GMs (i.e. those who think like me) have been following for years.

In the early days I treated the Ducks as being the Jews of the Diaspora (not
all of the Ducks in my campaign had Jewish names but all of them had Jewish
mothers) longing for the lost ideal homeland that they lost before Time began.
I still keep a measure of this but now I have a clearer idea of what that
homeland was like with the material about the keets of the East Isles.

The ducks of Maniria are bitter about the fact they were abandoned by their
gods in the GodTime. They got cut off from keet culture and don't know why
they lost their connection with the Sky Rune and the ability to fly. They are
looked down on by most other peoples and have to fight ruthlessly for whatever
they can get. They are bad-tempered, cranky and talk like Donald Duck.

The keets are a whole other ball-game....

D M McNamara <> wants to know:

> 2. Who do ducks primarily worship? Do ducks use any form of feather
> tatooing or beak engraving?

The ducks of Maniria worship the Orlanthi pantheon like the neighbouring
barbarians. The cult of Humakt is especially popular: a DeathDrake is no
laughing matter. In my campaign the only connections with the original gods
of Ganderland is a tenuous one through the Ancestor Worship cult of Mother

The duck-keets of the East Isles have a mixture of Stygian Western Malkionism
brought by Valkaro, the cult of dream magic based on the Mother of the Keets and
the other East Isles Cults.
> 3. What do ducks eat? In york all they ever seemed to eat was bread we
> flung at them to stop them devouring us. They used to tap on the windows
> with their beaks until we fed them with crackers. Is there a gloranthan
> god of crackers lurking on the god plane?

Anything but oranges (which is tempting fate). They are omnivores.

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