Tarsh War highlights

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 22:25:00 EEST

TO: Appius Luxis, Provincial Governor - Mirin's Cross

Most Esteemed Lord,

I submit a brief report of General Livius Thrax's foray into the Bush Range
to secure the supply routes for the main army. The mission was entirely
successful. The General showed great diplomatic skill dealing with the
tribe of barbarians called "Isdaros". He arranged a military alliance with
them, and used it to crush the raiders, a savage tribe ruled by cannibal

Rumors of the Bush Rangers spending more time in taverns than on patrol were
unsubstantiated. In fact, Priestess Rasheena Lal and I narrowly escaped a
horrible death at the hands of ferocious savages thanks to the wiles of the
Bush Rangers and a valliant, (quite overacted), stand to the death of 50 Red
Dragoons. Tales of a nude shield push game between the well oiled Granite
Phalynx and the Bagnot Milita are entirely unfounded, and the idea that the
Militia might actually have won is preposterous!

Reports of Prince Orontes waking up to find a head on a stake in his tent,
and of the Cha'Un actually painting the fort walls red with blood are, alas,
true. But General Thrax dismissed these occurances as harmless practical

jokes, the sort of thing that keeps up morale.

I can attest to the truth of this report - it is what I saw with my own
eyes. Of course, I was on patrol with the Cha'Un much of the time, and was
often absent from the fort.

Please note the accompanying document - my request to be posted to an army
devoid of Cha 'Un units.

May the Glow of the Goddess and the Light of the Paradisial Aviator make
your day bright -

Lt. General Dayzatarlasser


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