Addi's comments

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 20:30:00 EEST

>I suggest that, like the Babylonians, a peasant might to able to sell
>himself/his wife/children/mother-in-law into slavery (for a legally
>prescribed but probably not indefinite period) to pay off a debt. When
>the debt is clear, freedom is restored. This has a Dara Happan/Yelmie sort
>of feel to me, somehow.

 Indeed - this is described in the footnotes of the Entekosiad. Addi, the
author, began her life as the ("unheard of") third daughter of a potter in
the northern heartlands. Her parents intended to sell her into slavery if
(when) times got bad. But Addi ran off and joined the women warriors of
the red moon when they marched through her town. She eventually became a
famous T&J'er and earned her place on the moon.

Slaves are called "sixths", referring to their lowest rank in society. When
someone is said to be "sixed", they are in desperate straits. (Addi's
comment from the Entekosiad, circa 1300ST)

Perhaps recent laws enacted by the Lunars have made it more difficult to
sell people into slavery, thus increasing demand from the provinces?
  Another new law might state that 10% of all slaves imported have to be
converted to the Lunar Way and freed. Imagine the red tape and graft

I can't imagine that barbarian men would make very good slaves, though.
 Those constant oratories about "Sheppelkirt and the Evil Emperor" would
become tiresome....



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