Morthander Deville on the Web

From: Kim Englund (
Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 09:20:58 EEST


We've enjoyed in our gaming group the stories about Deville
so much that I have made webpages for Deville with the kind
permission from Martin Laurie. In these pages are all the
stories Martin has written. I'll add all new stories as they
come out to the digest. They can be read at:

They can be read with all browsers but NjetScape >2.0 gives the
best result. It is because they show some tags differently from
the other browsers. I have not found a better way to code
them than the one I am using now. If you have comments of any
kind plese send them to me, as I am open to all critisism.

I've followed the debates about Onslaught and even if he is
tough, so what, since he is a NPC in Martins campaign. I don't
want to start a new flamewar about Onslaught.

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