In the Mountains of Morokanth Madness

From: D M McNamara (
Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 12:28:14 EEST

  hello everyone, thanks for replying to my questions (and in such an
amusing way too!!).
  Can i ask you all a question? You don't have to answer but i would be
  If you had to choose one thing that said to you 'glorantha,' what would
it be? I know glorantha is a complicated place, and it seems unfair to
choose one thing...but the thing could be a language, a race, an object,
a place, an idea, a god, an event, etc.....I don't necessarily expect
deep and meaningful answers, just ones that scream 'glorantha!!' to you

  here is mine....for some reason, the mighty MOROKANTH (don't laugh) has
always been important to me. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because they
resemble bipedal tapir, and only something as odd as that can happen in
glorantha. Perhaps its the fact they live in good old prax, which
although is a barren land is full of adventure and significance. Maybe
its because they herd mindless men around like cattle, and have a good
reason too!
maybe it is because they are sneaky fellows....i don't think they
cheated! I seem to remember they are connected to the darkness rune too
(why?). One of my fave illustrations in runequest is purcell's cover of the
bestiary - the morokanth smoking the pipe and sharpening a sword - what
an unusual sight!
  One of my fave bits of 'elder secrets' is the suggested encounter with the
philosophical morokanth; we spent ages talking and arguing with it, and
eventually it joined us and became orur friend - i think he converted us
rather than the other way round! Sadly he died in a gorp ambush, but we
returned what was left to his tribe, and raised a mound in honour of his
wisdom (sadly my character, Bok the Sleeper, strained his arm muscles
when he was helping to lug a sandstone block up the side of the mound!).
  I cannot really explain the 'morokanth connection,' but i kind of liked
the answers to my 'morokanths-why?' question ie. 'because they cheated'
or 'they are the master race' seemed to sum up their wacky and
enigmatic nature, something that doesn't exist in 'OtherFantasyGame(tm).'


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