Dom's Jargon

From: Ramos-Tavener, Doyle Wayne (st670@Jetson.UH.EDU)
Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 18:28:15 EEST

Michael Raaterova sez to Dominic

>If you try to open up discussion on broader philosophical issues with
>people who are unfamiliar with the disciplinary jargon you are using, the
>result is pretty obvious: you will alienate people and create
>misunderstanding, or merely be ignored.

Another result might be that some of us might have to dust off our dictionaries.

>Everything one understands well can be phrased in simple ways.

I am afraid I disagree. Some ideas cannot be expressed simply because they
are not simple ideas. Can you come up with a three or four word definition
of tautology that works as well as the single word? How about existential?
Yet both are extremely useful in discussing Illumination, which is
implicated with RW philosphies.

To be perfectly honest, I find the Silly Questions to be, far and away, more
annoying then big words.

Dom, you go boy.




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