Wolfrunners in DP

From: garry.nixon (oa5gni@zen.sunderland.ac.uk)
Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 19:24:12 EEST

I've been thinking about the Wolf runners in Dragon Pass, and a possible=20
link to Eurmal. This came about through thinking about Giants, who are=20
tied to the Disorder rune (Eurmal?). I thought that the Giants in Norse=20
Mythology, were related to Loki(trickster?), and Loki had something to do=
with Fenris. Icould be wrong (Swiss Cheese Memory problems). Anyhow I=20
came up with this little story
In the Realm of Dragon Pass lives a tribe of Wolf-Runners, also known as=20
werewolves. They are counted among the 24 tribes of Sartar, and were one=
time allies to that line, through the actions of Sartar Peacemaker and=20
Four-Wolf. Today they are a reclusive lot, staying out of the way of=20
man, probably as a result of persecution by neighbouring tribes. In my=20
studies at the Jonston temple, I found this document relating to this=20
tribes history.

=09=D2In the times of the One Eyed ones glory, we wandered far and=20
wide, and ran with our brothers. Hunting was good, and bountiful, and=20
all was good with the world. Then came the time of troubles, and the One=
Eye hid itself from our view. The leaders called a packmeeting to decide=
what was to be done. It was decided that we should split, and try to=20
discover where the One Eyed one had gone. A tribe went north to the=20
lands of ice and the Dark-Brothers, a tribe went south to the great=20
mountain, the home of the Stone-Brothers, a tribe went East, though none=20
knew what was there, and a tribe went West, through the woods of the=20
Tree-brothers. We went to the land of the Dragon-brothers. During this=20
time we found no answers and the Dragon-Brothers would not talk to us,=20
but we thrived in the time of shadow, and our shape was well suited to=20
survival. Then came the No one-Brothers, who had no form, and they Bit=20
us and Clawed us and wounded us and left us broken in the Shadow. Then=20
the shadow left, and the Dark times came amongst us, and the No=20
one-Brothers hounded us even more and men with bright-Iron teeth stole=20
our hunting grounds. In our desperation we pleaded to our Father=20
Telmor. Then one came among us in our form, though none had known him=20
before. He announced that he was one Eurmal-WolfBrother, and had come to=
help us in these dark times. He brought with him the secrets of the=20
golden flower, whom he had rescued from the Dark-Brothers Kill-Lord. =20
With this we were able to warm ourselves, and gaurd against the Dark=20
Time. He brought the weapons of Silence and Cunning so we could arm=20
ourselves against the No one-Brothers. He brought us the knowledge of=20
which animals were Good-to-Eat , and which were Hard-to-kill, so we could=
eat and not be eaten. With these tools, we were able to survive in the=20
dark times, and able to wound the No one-Brothers, and able to hide from=20
those who would hurt us. In return for this he asked that we may help=20
him at some future time.=D3
=09=D2We found him again later, wandering having lost his companions. =20
He asked for his boon to be repayed. We did this gladly, and were able=20
to find his companions, and rescue them. We were glad to do his bidding,=
for he helped us survive the Dark-Times, and for his actions brought back=
The One-Eyed One.=D3
This tale was told just befor dawn on the eve of the Holy time. The=20
ending of the tale quite wonderful, as Yelm rose in the Eastern sky.

Authour unknowen, attributed to tale told by a wandering hunter, who met=20
the Wolf-Brothers.

Any critisim is quite welcome.

Lots of Love,=09Stay Hucky[Hucky=3DHappy+Lucky],=09Garry


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