Eating gorp

From: ian (i.) gorlick (
Date: Sat 25 May 1996 - 09:25:00 EEST

Dominic asks:
>1. Could a peckish dark troll gobble down a microgorp and live? their
>stomachs can take weird acidic beverages, after all

IMO, a troll could not safely eat a live gorp. The corrosive effects of gorp are
not purely the result of acid or enzymes but also are partly due to the
inherently chaotic nature of the creature which tends to reduce any other life
form to chaos as well. However, a dead gorp would presumably no longer have that
chaotic power, it would be dangerous only for its chemical properties, so a
troll could consume it. Presumably even a human could eat it if the acid were
buffered by the addition of baking soda, salt, and other simple chemicals
(Walktapus tentacles jellied in a gorp aspic? another fine lunar delicacy?)


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