Waertagi ships

From: ian (i.) gorlick (igorlick@nortel.ca)
Date: Sat 25 May 1996 - 09:31:00 EEST

Peter Metcalfe:
The waertagi sea monsters may well be trained draught animals rather than
magically enslaved. Okay, that makes it easier for the waertagi to get around
that way. But they still look like people who can ride but can't walk. I just
want to give them some walking shoes.

Lewis Jardine:
Please don't draw on WaterWorld. I hated that turkey.

Why use an elastic harpoon pistol when crossbows and ballistae work just fine?
Maybe the waertagi have specially treated theirs so they work even in the
wettest weather.

Waertagi crewmen dangling off the rigging and using weird gadgets sounds overly
dramatic and a lot of fun. To be used, but sparingly.

Other than their association with the Water and Water's wars with the Air, why
would the waertagi avoid using sails? The waertagi have to BREATH air, so why
wouldn't they learn to use it for their advantage? They might have to do some
double talk about enslaving the air to their will rather than relying on it for
their convenience, but that sort of furious rationalization is very common.


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