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David Dunham
>Because Arkat wasn't a selfish hero. He didn't get his hero powers so he
>personally could become more powerful, but for a reason that was supposed
>to help everyone.

Steven E. Barnes
>To put a different spin on my earlier remarks: Arkat is remembered
>for the deeds he performed. The actual power and knowledge he obtained
>on his quests was not shared with "his people".

> ....and that heroes who aquire personal power are inferior because
> they are "selfish.

        Arkat shared many benefits with his followers, it just doesn't
always look that way because Arkat left many of his groups of followers
behind and gained new ones. Just as an example, Arkat gave sorcery to the
trolls. What would the Brithini know or care about this? Didn't he bring
Humakt out of Ralios and into Dragon Pass with him? Also, don't forget
that many of Arkat's closest/loyalest followers were killed in Dorastor
during the final battles...

        Heroes who are selfish are not necessarily inferior, but they are
certainly less likely to be remembered. Who are you going to tell stories
about to your children; the hero who killed monsters and acquired vast
treasures for himself, or the hero who saved his people from destruction?

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Martin King
> Come on Dave you know that the Praxians think that Chaos is the worst
> thing on the Lozenge. Makes them old, turned their lush garden into a
> hell hole desert, everything bad....Consorting with Chaos by
> following a lunar way would be unthinkable.

        Ummm, what about the Sable Tribe? They didn't have much trouble
joining up with their old cousins, the Antelope Lancers.

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Pam Carlson on expansion
> My POV is that the Lunars are expanding for religious reasons, not economic
> ones. <snip> They expand to the south because of religious reasons:
> the south is the last unconquered source of enemies. Many waves of Orlanthi
> barbarians, including the EWF, all attacked the empire from the south.

> Loren's ideas on Carmanian mercantile amibitions may also play a big part.

        Wasn't there also supposed to be a lot of support from the Blue Moon
and Yolp Mountain trolls, who wanted to open up contact with Dagori Inkarth?

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