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Date: Sat 25 May 1996 - 18:53:34 EEST

        Sartarite Wolfrunners are a tribe of Telmori (Wolf Hsunchen).
They were cursed by Gbaji, and must take the form of wolf every wildday.
They followed Sartar when he united the tribes, and are thus part of the
Kingdom of Sartar, although their relationships with the other tribes
are often strained. Their loyalty is to Sartar and his descendants,
which is one reason why they provide guards to the prince. (Prince
Termatain, in HoTB had Lunar and Telmori Bodyguards). With the coming
of the Lunar Empire to Sartar they appear to have fought on, or for,
both sides at different times, which didn't help their reputation!

        What lead them to this is their great desire to be free from the
curse, to live their natural lives. Sartar had promised them that he
would try and help them, and in return they joined him. They hope that
his descendants will fulfill his vow and free them, and for this reason
they fight for and with the storm-worshipping Orlanthi. The Lunar
Empire, however is much more tollerant of those Cursed by the Touch of
Chaos, and would obviously be keen to point out the benefits of
membership of the Empire. And obviously if the Lunars can Illuminate
the Telmori, they will loose their self-loathing and be happier to
accept their currant state.

        A related question:- Dorastor:LoD says the Cat People of Dragon
Pass (presumably the Yinkini?) have a story of how their god defeated
Telmor and scattered his tribe, though Yinkin lost his tail in the
process. Firstly does anyone know more of this tale, and secondly, are
Alynx tailless? I had assumed not - is their a tale of how Yinkin
recovered his tail? (Eurmal would have to be involved - It would explain
why kittens often seem suprised by their tails.)

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Tim Ellis


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