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Date: Sat 25 May 1996 - 22:34:18 EEST

Mermen have obstacles more severe than Doom Currents preventing
their easy travel. Mermen must breathe air, eat, and sleep like any
other sea creatures. Just as on Earth:
        The open ocean is pretty much a desert, with very little
life. You have to carry your own food, and parts are considered as
hard or harder to cross by mermen as making it across the Wastes is
in Genertela.
        Much of the ocean is very deep -- parts are even
bottomless. Crossing an endless stretch of water with no "footing"
below is bad because the mermen get tired swimming forever, and need
to rest. They need a bank, or a continental shelf, or _something_
to stop on. If there is none, travel is made far more difficult --
even impossible.
        Sea monsters are just as deadly for the mermen as they are
for humans. The deeper parts of the oceans have more and worse

        Humans live happily in the fertile valleys, and travel into
the mountains to find giants and dragons. Mermen live on the
heights, and swim into the deep blackness below to find the lair of
the kraken, the sea-serpent, and sea spiders.

Jean Durupt
>It is equally unfortunate for a Brithini and a Vadeli to die.
        On the contrary -- I would find it slightly _more_
fortunate when a Vadeli dies. But a Brithini's death is also cause
for celebration.

Mike Cule
>The ducks of Maniria got cut off from keet culture and don't know
why they lost >their connection with the Sky Rune and the ability to
fly. They are looked down >on by most other peoples and have to
fight ruthlessly for whatever they can >get. They are bad-tempered,
cranky and talk like Donald Duck.
>The keets are a whole other ball-game....
        Well, it turns out that at least the ducks' bad temper
isn't solely out of mythic background, because the keets are fairly
ill-tempered, too. Think of seagulls, terns, and, of course, ducks.
They squabble all the time. But of course ducks wouldn't feel at
home without noisy verbal battles. I look forward to some player
running a duck on a quest to the East Isles to "find his heritage".
I wonder what his reaction will be to the keets, glorious in their
vari-colored plumage, respected by humans, and still basically

>The duck-keets of the East Isles have a mixture of Stygian Western
>brought by Valkaro, the cult of dream magic based on the Mother of
the Keets >and the other East Isles Cults.
        As before stated, Valkarism is not really Stygian. I guess
it would look that way to an outsider, though. Basically, the
Valkarians believe that gods can be converted to Malkionism, and
thus they have many saints which are former gods. There is a Mother
of the Keets, and the ducks also worship lots of other gods,
including Thella, the dawn goddess. The Mother of the Keets is
most-worshiped on islands which are solely or primarily
keet-inhabited. Note that most keets in the East Isles live on
islands with a large human population. But there _are_ some islands
that are keet-only. One island is supposedly the original home of
all keets, but it is now inhabited by sorns, who also worship the
Mother of Keets, as it happens.

Sandy P.


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