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Date: Sat 25 May 1996 - 22:38:29 EEST

Peter M.
>I would have thought the Vadeli way was set down Pre-Storm thus
>by your theory, the Browns would be freely able to use swords.
        Except that there weren't any swords Pre-Storm for them to use.

>I only wish to point out that the Brown Vadeli existed throughout
>the First and Second Age, lived exclusively on islands, and yet
>were never heard of a bit in all that time.
>IMO this can be easily accomodated by having them dominated by the
        The Brown Vadeli were not dominated by either the Brithini
or the Waertagi -- if this had occurred, they would have been
exterminated. The war of the Vadeli and Brithini is not one in which
prisoners are taken.

> The Pelorians appear to think of them as being
>organized into a scale from best to worst, roughly descending in
>order from SKY > EARTH > WATER > STORM > DARKNESS, rather than
>rating them all as equal-but-separate.

>The Cosmic Pillar does not include water and places Air _between_
>Earth and Sky
        Yes Peter I know. I was referring to the way in which the
Pelorians consider the various elements _morally_. Even the
non-rebel air is still despised.

Sandy P.


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