What the Keets worship:

From: Mike Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sun 26 May 1996 - 03:46:41 EEST

Nils Weinander <niwe@ein.ericsson.se> comments on my earlier post:
> Mike Cule:
> >The duck-keets of the East Isles have a mixture of Stygian Western Malkionism
> >brought by Valkaro, the cult of dream magic based on the Mother of the Keets and
> >the other East Isles Cults.
> The church of Valkaro is not really like the Stygian heresy. The valkarians
> don't worship the gods as such, but convert them to Malkionism, transforming
> them into good Malkioni saints. That apart, yes, the keets on the islands
> dominated by the church vill most likely be valkarists.
> Otherwise, the main deity of the keets is Thella, the goddess of dawn,
> since their sacrifice of flight into the Net makes them closer to her
> than any other creatures.

Yes, I didn't know too much about Valkaro (still don't) when I wrote him into
my background for the ducks but I needed him to explain the presence of sorcery
on the Keet previous experience tables.

I assume that the sacrifice of flight happened through the self sacrifice of the
Mother of the Keets to power the net. One of my current campaigns is a quest to
take the Last Egg of Mother Keet/Duck back to the East Isles.

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