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From: Loren Miller (
Date: Sun 26 May 1996 - 00:26:41 EEST

OK, building on the recent Death Rune effects and on Darkness Rune
effects I posted years ago...

DARKNESS aura of cold, aura of fright, small animals run away,
insects are attracted, it becomes difficult to change the subject of
conversation or remember words and concepts, ice particles condense
from the air, leaving a trail of broken ice, glass frosts up, lights
dim, bright lights become painful, fires die out, beings feel hungry,
quicksilver/sea-metal feels revolting to the touch and smells bad,
lead shines with a black luminescence.

WATER things seem to change shape, people sweat or cry for no reason,
fish and other water-animals are attracted, sensation of choking,
sensation of bouyancy, leaving a trail of moisture or water, fires
and hot things start to steam, surrounded by mists and fogs of
neutral temperature, lead and copper feel revolting to the touch and
smell bad, quicksilver shines.

EARTH things seem to weigh more, lips chap and skin dries, hair
becomes brittle, trouble crying or sweating, sense of carrying a
weight on your shoulders, surrounded by a cloud of dust or dirt,
snakes and lizards are attracted, water becomes muddy, pebbles feel
sharper and hurt more when they get in your shoe, quicksilver and
gold feel revolting to the touch and smell bad, copper shines.

AIR things seem to weigh less, breezes and puffs of wind, fires burn
quickly, voices and sounds seem louder and carry farther, static
electricity more likely and stronger, weather becomes more severe,
birds other than raptors are attracted, poetic inspiration, bronze
shines, tempers become short, silver and gold feel revolting to the
touch and smell bad.

SKY images seem sharper, colors seem brighter, distant objects
appear clearer, air seems warmer, darkness seems painful, fires burn
long and strong, smell of smoke, incense lasts longer and produces
more scent, urge to tell the truth, gold shines, bronze and copper
feel revolting to the touch and smell bad, direct orders are easy to
obey, raptors are attracted.

MOON voices inside your head, red aura, breezes and winds feel
irritating, likelihood of epileptic seizures rises, people feel
compelled to argue both sides of every issue, mystical experiences
are more likely, arguments take twice as long as usual to resolve,
committees become unworkable but seem like such a good idea, silver
shines, and bronze seems to corrode and have a slimy feel.

CHAOS random twinges of pain, random laughter, unexplained sounds from
behind the hearer, unexplained flashes of light and smells, clothing
feels too rough or slimy, food tastes disgusting and wonderful, laws
seem extremely immoral, inedible things suddenly arouse your appetite,
hallucinations of voices or of being covered by awful crawling things,
urge to fib or lie, cold and darkness seem extra frightening, as does

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