Ducking Ducks

From: D M McNamara (
Date: Sun 26 May 1996 - 12:22:46 EEST

  Thanks for all the stuff about ducks! One of the good things about the
digest is that it keeps me 'up to date' on matters gloranthan, as i
suspect i have forgotten a great deal since the last campaign....
  I suppose Morokanth -might- have cheated, but just look at their
useless scrabbly claws, they are no good for trickery, so it must have
been down to their innate charisma.
However, it does make one wonder
about what might have been. Please correct me if i have made some
'howlers,' but if the morokanth had lost, might there have been a praxian
tribe which rode tapirs? The potentials beggar the imagination.

  It always seemed a bit unfair to me how in a rules sense, their
manipulation skills are so penalised. However, i have tried picking up
coins from the floor while wearing gloves, and it is extremely difficult. I
presume people trade with morokanths, but who would want to buy a zombified
herd man? Do they travel up near Dagori Inkarth and flog their creepy wares
up there? Do morokanths have their own snuffling, snorting language? And
who do they worship? Storm gods?
   I'm asking a lot of questions here, but only because i know so little
about them. I suppose its unlikely 'MorokanthPak' will ever be released.

PS. When is the next issue of Codex out? It seems like i haven't had a
new one for ages - the last one i got had Orlanthi on the cover, i seem
to remember.


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