Vanilla Erik

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Sun 26 May 1996 - 22:28:51 EEST

Martin Crim:
> Erik wrote up a pretty vanilla myth for his Duck ancestor guy, Durulzan,
> with spells to match: Taunt and something like Big Feathers. I didn't care
> for 'em. They're serviceable, but not very interesting, not on a par with
> Detach Penis or even a vanilla spell like, oh, say Animate War Tree.
> IMG, the Durulz ancestor guy is the patron of Duck Ancestor Worship, with
> skulls and spirits 'n' shit like that.
> All IMHO. Sorry if I "came down hard."
Not at all. I'm used to being comed on hard on (eh, that sounded
strange).All the post was littered with IMG (In My Glorantha, or In
My Game). I'm somewhat curious, though, why you sound ANGRY when
you kick my stuff? Probably just the Internet fooling me.
Consider this, however: The spells were A, part of the mythic
reasoning behind them. They enable you to repeat things the guy you
got'em from did. I generally think of divine spells as the temporarily
ability to act like the god in question. I assume you can Animate War
Tree if you're an Aldrya initiate because Aldrya made the trees walk
to fight Iron Man in the God's Age, or something like that. Since
the ancestor I had in mind wasn't a being with powers over nature
I had to rely on things he _did_.
And B, the descriptions contained (yes, they were "vanilla" too,
but then that happens to be my favorite ice cream flavor (-: ) short
notes to the effect that "this happens when you "learn" the spell,
this is what you do to get'em". Now, this is the little things I have
in my head if someone ever played a Durulz and wanted to actually
learn a divine spell (damn rare in my game, and not because I don't
encourage it). Then I'd build out the notes to a mini-heroquest. That
sorta thing _I_ consider sorely lacking in most Rune Spell

Erik Sieurin, who isn't THAT happy with the Daka Fal cult, if you
need other excuses as well.


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