What happened to the Red Moon?

From: ANDOVER@delphi.com
Date: Mon 27 May 1996 - 08:12:11 EEST

On May 21st, Martin Laurie wrote:

I think that the Red Moon was destroyed by something elese leaving the
White Moon in its place. Who could do this? Well some possible groups spring
to mind:

and then mentioned the Lodrili and the clash of the stars.

I am surprised that he overlooked the obvious explanation, laid out by me
in this journal and hinted atin Letter 3 of the Zin letters (KOS, p. 47) , point 4 "It never was. There
never was, really, a Red Moon. It was an illusion, a temporary reality created
by the goddess."

Obviously, it was exorcized by the Rokari once they realized that it was
a sending of the evil one!

Jim Chapin


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