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From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Mon 27 May 1996 - 08:01:45 EEST

This comes up periodically. I can remember it being discussed in 1993.
Don't forget to search the archives. :-)

D M McNamara <> writes:
>I presume people trade with morokanths, but who would want to buy a
>zombified herd man?

People who like herdman satay with skullbush nut sauce. :-)

All those Pavis fast-food joints that sell "mock pork" on a stick
are selling herdman. It's sold minced to preserve the niceties.
It's cheap because supply far outstrips demand, and the quality of
cuts is irrelevant.

>Do morokanths have their own snuffling, snorting language?

They surely speak Praxian. They're tied to Darkness (though I've never
understood why) so they may speak Darktongue instinctively as do other
Darkness creatures like trolls & dehori. There's something to be said
for them speaking Darktongue as a kind of "baby talk" until they learn
Praxian as children. A nice culture shock for PCs hiding there.

>And who do they worship? Storm gods?

Waha the Butcher and Eiritha Herdman, Grandfather Morokanth, etc.
The Praxian pantheon.

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