Nature of the gods

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Mon 27 May 1996 - 17:59:40 EEST

Uh-oh, one of the digesters' fave topics has come up again. Hope we don't do
it to death (see FAQ).

Mike Cule writes:
>It struck me today that you could use the explanation used by M.A.R. Barker for
>his gods of Tekumel. They are such huge and transfinite beings that limited
>creatures such as mortals can only see limited 'aspects' of what is in truth a
>whole and integral being. You could but I don't know it fits all the things we
>know about Glorantha.
I like Tekumel's vision of the gods, but they are, for all their obscurity,
still science fictional. By that, I mean that they are _beings_ merely on a
higher plane from ours, understandable by greater intellects than ours.
What I like about Glorantha's gods, by contrast, is that they are more
mystical. Are they beings or principles? Is it knowable whether they are
modified by worshipers' attitudes? Calculated ambiguity makes them
mysterious and therefore religious, as opposed to being merely kick-ass patrons.

- --Martin Crim


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