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From: David Dunham (
Date: Mon 27 May 1996 - 21:01:34 EEST

D M McNamara wondered

> I
> presume people trade with morokanths, but who would want to buy a zombified
> herd man? Do they travel up near Dagori Inkarth and flog their creepy wares
> up there? Do morokanths have their own snuffling, snorting language? And
> who do they worship? Storm gods?

Herd men aren't zombified -- the bit about the Morokanth rune spell to turn
you into a herd man is true, but mostly a scary story. Herd mean are beasts
(which can digest grass) that just happen to be humanoid.

Morokanths are usually associated with the Darkness rune. They worship Waha
and Eiritha, like any other Praxian herder.

(I liked Peter Metcalfe's story of how the Morokanths cheated.)

Mike Cule wrote

> The God doesn't seem to have a nature
> that he teaches to his worshippers. The worshippers just impose whatever image
> they want on the god.

True up to a point -- I don't think worshippers can impose *any* image they
want. Yelm is never going to be a freedom-loving kind of guy -- Dara
Happans and horse nomads both worship the sun in radically different ways,
but both have hierarchical societies with the sun at the top.

> It struck me today that you could use the explanation used by M.A.R.
>Barker for
> his gods of Tekumel. They are such huge and transfinite beings that limited
> creatures such as mortals can only see limited 'aspects' of what is in truth a
> whole and integral being. You could but I don't know it fits all the things we
> know about Glorantha.

Sounds pretty close to me. Greg talked about discovering new aspects of a
deity. But I recall he specifically said you can't change a deity's nature.


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