From: Jim Bickmeyer (JFBickmeyer@msn.com)
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 01:16:40 EEST

Erik Sieurin gave a great piece on Ducks. The Orlanth sub-cult will be added
to my game. Thanks for the politically correct Duck name (I think).

As I recall from readings and old supplements the Ducks of Dragon Pass had
their center of civilizations shattered during the Duck Wars. Many Ducks
spread out to other countries fleeing the evil red moon. Thus individual
Ducks and small communities of ducks can be found in many countries out side
of Dragons Pass. (IMG)

IMG the Lunar Empire considers Ducks to be thieves and rift raft. They are
always suspect by Lunar officials and hounded by them for little infractions.

In this case the only strong center of Duck civilization is deep in the
marshes where they are hard to reach.

Jim Bickmeyer

"It's all a Chaos Plot"


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