Important Stuff

From: David Dunham (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 02:38:25 EEST

For what it's worth, I dreamed last night about a new Glorantha board game.
Oddly enough, it was some sort of naval wargame between the Sartarites and
the Lunars. The map was shades of (deep) blue, depending on the water
depth. One of the few terrain features was "Ygg's Mountain," which appeared
to be a sea mound. Somehow I don't think this one is actually on Avalon
Hill's production schedule.

On an equally useful note, those who've been following the recent morokanth
debate should check out
<>, which dates
from our RQ2 days (tigersons seem to have gone away, at least from Pavis).


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