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Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 11:13:07 EEST

To me the one defining word for Glorantha is myth. What makes Glorantha
most fascinating to me is the living myths and their reflections in
just about everything about the world.


Erik: great duck stuff. I loved the Durulzan myth.

>Thus the Ducks always were supportive of the Kingdom, much
>more than the other tribes.

Loyalty is prominent trait of the East Isles keets too.

Jim Chapin:

>Rune effects: After ML's nice description of the effects of being
>around a possessor of the death rune, I asked for suggestions about
>similar effects of being around holders of other runes, but no one
>answered. Any one carer to take a shot?

Some obvious ones:

Harmony: Everybody around the holder feels good, friendly to
                the people around, calm and at ease with the world.

Disorder: The people around the holder get distracted, the
                words they speak might come out the wrong way, writing
                is likely to be misspelled etc.

Peter M: lovely morokanth story. Great summary of how the Praxians
feel about each other too.

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