The Evil Star

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 11:23:08 EEST

        I found myself wondering about the identity of Vettebbe, the Evil
Star that Son of Evil worships (from GRAY and TFS). Its described as being
very evil, as not being there any more, as being a follower of Kargzant,
and as being fought by Orlanth and Antirius just before the dawn.
        It sounds fairly important to me, especially as its just about the
only celestial body that the Dara Happans think is just outright bad, and
it is the biggest villain around just before the dawn.
        Any hints as to the identity of this star, both in terms of
a) correspondence to any known deity - Tyram maybe (just as the only evil
sky deity)?
b) correspondence to a known celestial feature from Elder Secrets or
elsewhere (the Bad One, maybe?)




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