From: D M McNamara (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 11:41:24 EEST

  I really enjoyed all of the morokanth material that you've been putting
on the digest - i laughed loud and long at the sneaky tricks of the
morokanth! I think my next character will be a morokanth too, as i now
feel i know enough about them to 'get into character.'
   I liked the idea of morokanth going on heroquests to get the use of
thumbs - i remember suggesting this myself once to Andrew Rilstone, and
he said (slightly scoffingly) 'that would be one hell of a heroquest.' I
suppose he could have thought i meant a heroquesting crusade to change
_all_ morokanths, rather than an enterprising hero...still, its a really
neat idea.
    I feel greatly in your debt for all these ideas. However, could some
of you think of what exactly must be done on a morokanth 'ThumbQuest,'
(ie. heroquesting) and what myths among the morokanths this might relate

  When i have to think up such things i usually go to Claude
Levi-Strauss' books on 'Mythologies,' and i can strongly suggest that you
all take a look at his work.
Levi-Strauss is one of the greatest
anthropologists of out time, and has documented a great many myths
through his structuralist method. His books, as well as being immensely
interesting to read on their own terms, are packed with all kinds of myth
lore, but in a rigorous manner for a change! I would go and do it myself,
but unfortunately i am in the middle of my exams, so don't have time at
the moment. Could any of you generous folks out there help with the
  Thanks again for all the morokanth lore - it was immensely
entertaining, and dead useful too!


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