Question Plague

From: D M McNamara (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 11:48:23 EEST

  My brother hasn't got access to the internet, so when he heard about
the runequest digest, and that i had got onto it, he became very excited.
Could some of you please answer some of his questions (i take no
  1. Who lives in The Tower of Lead? (i think he means in dorastor)
  2. Are there any 'gorp-geysers' in The Land of Doom?
  3. Is there some Pamaltelan chaos lurking in Dorastor? eg. charnjibber
  4. Why is Farong Farash (sp?) of Tink so bloomin' weird?
  5. Can malkioni worshippers get divine intervention, and if so, how
would it work?
  6. What are 'tusk brothers?' (ie. were-pig things that cropped up in
some old RQ2 stuff, which now seem to have disappeared)

P.S. I hope the questions don't affect your irritation thresholds.


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