More o' the Kanth

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 15:06:21 EEST

Interesting stuff on the walking tapirs. Especially that story by P.

One thing: I doubt many true people are turned into herdmen by the
Morokanth. I know the rules aint the best representation of
Gloranthan reality, but it's sure that Fix Intelligence, the magic of
Waha, is costly to the one who uses it. It's not a thing undertaken
lightly, and if I were a Morokanth Khan (they act as priests, or does
my memory fail me?) I wouldn't want to toss away one third of
my soul-power just to herdify three relatives of a slave, unless the
slave was VERY valuable (knew how to forge iron, or something like
I'm so cynical that I think the Morokanth would simply threaten to
eat the humans with their intelligence intact. I actually don't think
that Morocanth DO eat normal people very often, since it may be
considered breaking Waha's Covenant (with nasty esoteric reprisals as
a result). However, many people may not know that, or they may not
want to take the risk that this particular Morokanth doesn't care.

And, oh, I consider Praxian to have dialects for each of the tribes,
and of course the Morokanth have a large amount of Darktongue loan-
words - both because of their Darkness association and because I
assume they have many dealings with the Dark Men. Many Storm Bulls
among them surely use their ties to Zorak Zoran as much as their ties
to the human cults.

Speaking of Storm Bulls: Some vague evidence suggests that the "Bull"
in Storm Bull is associated with the males of the tribal beasts among
the Praxians. Wonder if this is true of the Morokanth as well. A
raging herdman might be dangerous - it may be unintelligent, but it's
far more cunning than most other beasts. Just like their relatives
the chimps and the gorillas, I bet they are nasty (though I would
prefer to meet a mean herdman to meet a mean rhino).

Erik Sieurin, who always gets reminded of "The Planet of The Apes",
when herdmen are the issue.


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