Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #600

From: Chris Francis (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 15:17:17 EEST

>>Jim Bickmeyer

>>IMG the Lunar Empire considers Ducks to be thieves and rift raft. They are
>>always suspect by Lunar officials and hounded by them for little infractions.

>>In this case the only strong center of Duck civilization is deep in the
>>marshes where they are hard to reach.

As I recall, the antipathy arose when ducks were blamed for the Starbrow
rebellion (how and why I don't know -- any ideas?). This lead to a bounty being

anounced of a years tax exemption for every duck head by the Lunar Empire ( I
believe this is now (c1620) rescinded). This lead to the ducks fleeing deeper
into the marshes or fleeing into Prax where they hide in the south of the Zola
Fel valley. Here I think they are loyal Orlanthi, still pursued by the Lunars
as outlaws and distrustful of and distrusted by other Sartarite refugees.

If you have players from the River of Cradles campaign, there might be a good
scenario in making the Ducks strong allies of the Zola Fel people by the
involvement of the River Heroes.

Chris Francis


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