From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 17:05:45 EEST

Hi All & MOB

        Question: "Who are the Vadeli?"

Apologies to those insulted by the following, it is not ment to be personal.

        The Vadeli are like the French, or at least like the English view
of what the typical Frenchman is like.

He has a veneer of class and culture.
He appears refined and pleasant.
He *knows* that he is superior to the rest of the world.
He is rumoured to be an accomplished and skilled lover.
He will never discuss his technique with you but gives a small secretative
He will condescent to help you, but always gets the best end of the deal.
He will help make international laws that are binding on everyone, except him!
When he decides to stab you in the back he won't even bother with an excuse
or appology!

So there you go, the Vadeli are the French!


PS> Sorry to all French people who are upset, but I suspect that most
French will be secretly pleased that their talents have been recognized.


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