German RQ Con.

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 18:19:30 EEST

Hi All
        Just a quick message to annoy those who didn't make it!

Rhinegold Quest (German RQ Con) was great fun.

Setting: A REAL castle in a beautiful part of the Rhine Valley.
Rooms: Simple, clean, comfy and cheap.
Food: Simple, nutritional, quite nice, vegetarian option and included.
Organization: Had its fair share of the Disorder Rune but worked despite.
Main Events:

Troll Ball

Those Germans are Mad!
1) Surface = flagstones!
2) Waterbombs (OK so these are normal practice).
3) Flour for HEALING!

Result = great fun and a total mess!

Personally I can't believe my luck as a referee. I was not hit by any
waterbombs! Even though quite a few came within inches!

Rise of Ralios Free Form

Really good fun and probably the most intense free form I have every seen.
Personally I had a superb time although I am concerned that some of the
other players (who might not be Glorantha nuts) might have become *very*
confused towards the end when it strayed into very deep mythological ground.
I confess that some of the fault may lie with Nick and myself for going
one stage further than the organizers had expected! (I went to hell 3
times during the day...)

However, I do not intend to give the plot away as Ingo, Joerg and Andrei
may intend to run it again. Generally, most of the play required no
deep Gloranthan knowledge and people appeared to have a lot of fun doing
the usual converting, jousting and politicing that one expects in Kustria.

I would however like to mention two factions:
1) The "Dutch" trolls:- "I still don't trust them, but they made convincing
Uz, they were also aided by Tom Zunder, a real troll...

2) The Orlanthi (played by English, and American speakers):-
The use of wonderful wode make-up really gave the Orlanthi barbarians a
very strong cultural identity. It was wonderful to see Dan Barker painting
up new converts to the true god. I just wonder what tourists who visited
the castle during the game thought of these Painted Savages!

Overall, the freeform would appeal to ALL (85%) of those who read this digest
and if you ever get a chance to play in it DO!

Finally I would like to thank Ingo and the other organizers for a very
enjoyable Con and I hope to be able to return next year!



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