Return from Ralios

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 20:19:00 EEST

Once again I managed to survive a German RuneQuest-Con - thanks to all the
organizers for getting the place arranged, to our foreigner-guests for
making the con a lot more colourful and, well, luminous, and to Ingo
Tschinke for doing the mammoth work on Rise of Ralios.

Castle Stahleck proved to be an excellent place to do a convention, if maybe
a bit wet in the late afternoons. The interior was quite modern and - apart
from the number of beds in the rooms - comfortable, the exterior provided a
very scenic background for all fantasy activities.

I have to apologize a bit for overthrowing the freeform in the end - I, as a
referee, got drawn into Hell, and then a bit deeper, by a number of intrepid
heroquesters who made me first look aghast (that's what I was told) and then
myth on feverishly. Sorry to the questers as well, I _really_ gave them Hell
in return. I wish the thing could have been dealt with in a more mundane way...

For me, the real work is just piling up, I fear. I want to try to get
transcripts of those panels and discussions where our recorders worked (we
had two, and at least one broke down for a while), and also a recollection
collection of the participants of Rise of Ralios. If anybody feels the urge
to recite his or her experiences on the tournament other than in the
post-freeform session (those tapes are good quality, as far as I have tested
them), and/or has good photographs to be included for the recollection,
please send them to me. (preferably digital, in some standard format...)

Ok, so what did happen: (Actually, I don't really know, I missed some of the

- - Lore Auction with Nick Brooke and David Hall: a cheap way to get these
luminaries comment on some of our stranger ideas

- - The Nick Experience (aka Cultural Exchange): On the Malkioni faith
throughout the ages

- - The Lismelder Campaign: questions answered to background and concepts, By
David Hall and Nick Brooke

Games: among others, Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods introductions on
double-sized boards, which made peeking in quite attractive; several
roleplaying game rounds (but IMO too few in English - I'll have to amend,
next time) for RQ (both Gloranthan and else), Pendragon, Superworld,
Nephilim, Cthulhu, etc.; quite a lot of games of Mythos; and a lot of things
I didn't know were on.

German Trollball League:
Well, only the finals. If anybody knows where to get a waterproof take-apart
newtling, I'd be grateful to introduce it for next year's run. In the later
quarters, it's definitely useful. (We might also see the Revenge of the
Trollkin...) The stoooopid giants (Lewis Jardine and me) accepted some
bribes for the convention revenues (way too haltingly, we agreed), starting
with a failure to count to five. Both teams were about 8 players strong, but
who ever blamed giants of being mathematically adept? The appearance of
Bigfoot the Giant (of STOMP! fame) as guest referee had to be postponed, he
stepped on a poisonthorn elf on duty. Maybe next year...

Apart from this official stuff, we had all the unofficial and even more
useful chats you have when Gloranthophiles convene. I hope the beer was

Provided we weren't too obnoxious, we're going to use Burg Stahleck as the
site of next year's convention as well.

Now I hope I won't have too much to catch up. See you soon arguing over
trivia again...


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