Arguing with Sandy again: Waha's Contest

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 23:29:00 EEST

>There appears to be some confusion on this subject. The losers of
>these contests (i.e., the beasts) were NOT made stupid and
>grass-eating. It's the other way round -- the WINNERS became
>intelligent, capable of eating meat, but lost their power to thrive
>on grass or coarse plant food.

Oh, come on, Sandy. While I definitely agree that the winners were uplifted
by the process, I believe that the losers lost about the same amount.

The beast people of Genert's Garden seem to have been a people of bestial,
but aware, followers of the Storm Bull. Look at the archetype "drunk Storm
Bull cum awakened mount" couple to get the idea how they lived back then.

They were not necessarily riders. I know there is a large mural somewhere
east of the Zola Fel which shows all the existing and quite a lot of extinct
beasts of Eiritha, and it might say something about whether the friendly
pairings of man and beast act as riders. Since Tada called the beast riders
to aid him against chaos (which they failed to do in time), it appears they
were riders, but I'd like a confirmation. (Anyone remember my (refuted)
thesis that Praxians were just Hsunchen riding their totemic animals, having
lost some Hsunchen special spells when they started eating each other? It
was on Henk's Daily early in '93, if I recall correctly...)


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