Morokanth and the cover of Tales 14

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 28 May 1996 - 23:29:00 EEST

This might be a question I should have asked Dan Barker yesterday in Burg
Stahleck, but here you all go:

The cover of Tales 14 shows a scrawny Morokanth martial artist attack a
mounted tusk rider lancer having a smallish Ball of Tails on his belt.

(Unless being accused of Gregging, a ball of tails is a (anti-)Praxian magic
item to trap the spirits of slain herd beasts. They can be bound into their
tails and serve as POW-spirits. Actually, they served as generic bound
spirits in RQ2, but I think in RQ3 POW-spirits would be the correct way to
describe their use, even if their origin is different - I believe that
POW-spirits are the spirits of plants. All other spirits feed, ultimately,
on them...)

Why would a Morokanth attack somebody for a ball of tails? Herdmen certainly
don't provide any prolonged backside appendage. Cutting out the other (very
Tusk Rider) possibility, what would a "tail" of a female herd man look like?

Oh, and anybody in contact with Dan, the fellow on the tusker looks remotely
familiar. Is there a living model for him?


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