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Kudos to Loren on two good articles. I liked his idea on having players
write eulogies for their characters, though I feel many players might balk.
That's one tough homework assignment! It looks like an interesting character
development tool, though. Also, I thought Loren's piece on rune effects was
well done.


Sandy posted with authority on morokanths, and raised a few questions in me.

First, he said that all the tribes of Prax were rock stupid and Waha's magic
made most two-legs smart and left most four-legs stupid. If everyone is
stupid, then how can anyone cheat?

Second, I recall an encounter that occurred during a scenario I played a
long time ago. I always wonder if the GM handled it correctly, because it
seemed to smack of universe-bias towards the players.

In traveling on foot through Prax, our group encountered a group of
morokanth that outnumbered us six to four. One of the four consisted of a

particularly storm-bull-like Orlanthi Storm Bull player character. Rather
than net us all (or whatever morokanth do) and enslave us, the Storm Bull
taunted the morokanth into settling our fates through a one-on-one duel.

The duel ensued and was very close--the Storm Bull passed out from blood
loss at the very end of the round in which he sliced off the limb of his foe
(who collapsed due to shock). Gotta love that RQ brutal combat system.

My healer character healed the fallen morokanth and then the fallen Storm
Bull. I suppose the morokanth decided that we were therefore real people and
let us be.

How would things have gone in Sandy's campaign? I was always kind of shocked
that the morokanth didn't shoot first and ask questions later. I always felt
that the morokanth definition of "herd man" was "any human unlucky enough to
get captured by a morokanth."

Would the presence of a healer affect the morokanths' actions? Is healing
the enemy a sign of weakness or strength among the tribes of Prax? If the
morokanth had died would the band have been angry enough to break their

I know the answer would really differ in real life based on the
personalities involved, but what would have happened in Sandy's (or your,
reader) campaign?


Loren used Star Wars as an example of the temptation that faces the
hero--the choice to acquire immense personal power within the system he is
fighting to destroy.

I think another really great example of this is in Lord of the Rings, where
the One Ring represents all the evil power of Sauron. Both Gandalf and
Galadriel refuse the ring when it is offered to them, though it poses a sore
temptation. (Galadriel describes becoming a beautiful and cruel ruler...
darkness clothed in light... is this Nysalor's Bright Empire?). Sam, too, is
tempted by the ring, but resists, and Frodo bears the temptation up until
the very last moment, when he succumbs to its lure, only to have Fate, in
the form of his shadow, Gollum, snatch the ring from him, slip, and fall
into the Cracks of Doom.

I always felt that it was the succumbing to temptation that left Frodo an
empty shell at the story's completion... to have received all the external
recognition for his part in destroying the Ring when in fact he failed to
overcome his internal conflict left those accolades empty... and the loss of
his finger became a constant reminder of his weakness.

A very good ending that illustrated the power such temptations should
exercise... it wouldn't have done to have just have Frodo toss the darn ring
in like a wadded up newspaper.
- --
Chris Pearce


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