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>> It struck me today that you could use the explanation used by M.A.R.
>>Barker for
>> his gods of Tekumel. They are such huge and transfinite beings that limited
>> creatures such as mortals can only see limited 'aspects' of what is in truth a
>> whole and integral being. You could but I don't know it fits all the things we
>> know about Glorantha.
>Sounds pretty close to me. Greg talked about discovering new aspects of a
>deity. But I recall he specifically said you can't change a deity's nature.

Then Stafford and Barker are going to the same source. I read something
very much like this in the intro of a book on Hindu gods.

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>Subject: Why Brithini are like worms

In Steve Maurer's sorcery rules, he has a spell called False
Immortality. In addition to slowing aging, it slows all change
by the same rate, including learning. So someone under a high
intensity spell would essentially not change. Kind of scary to

However, in his campaign, the Brithini didn't use this spell.
They used a superior immortality spell.

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