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Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 05:22:15 EEST

McNamara's brother asks:

>1. Who lives in The Tower of Lead? (i think he means in dorastor)
        No one is placed there on purpose, so that the gamemaster
can put whatever forces of evil he deems suitable. In Cults of
Terror, there were vampires. In my own game there were Things that
rode huge mutant humans.

>2. Are there any 'gorp-geysers' in The Land of Doom?

>3. Is there some Pamaltelan chaos lurking in Dorastor? eg. charnjibber
        Up To The Gamemaster. My own suggestion, which I think was
published in Dorastor, were along the following lines:
        a) use a chaos monster from somewhere far away, like
Pamaltela, so that the PCs are unlikely to recognize it.
        b) pick some gross animal and make it chaotic.
        c) pick some normal chaos thing and make it huge, or
extra-bad. For instance, have a scorpion man with sixteen tails that
can all sting at once. Or an invisible jack o'bear. Or a SIZ 60

>4. Why is Farong Farash (sp?) of Tink so bloomin' weird?
        Because he is a spook.
>5. Can malkioni worshippers get divine intervention, and if so, how
>would it work?
        There has been debate on this subject. I have to admit that
though I originally adhered to the idea that they _had_ DI, I now
no longer believe this. Instead, their DI comes in the form of
Saintly interventions.

>6. What are 'tusk brothers?' (ie. were-pig things that cropped up
in some old >RQ2 stuff, which now seem to have disappeared)
        Were-pigs. Where do they come from? Well, IMO six main
sources for these things exist:
        a) children who are "marked" because their mother was badly
frightened by a pig or wild boar while she was pregnant with them.
        b) miscegenation.
        c) degenerate hsunchen
        d) chaos taint -- the child of an ogre or an incubus is
likely to be twisted in some way. This is as likely as anything.
        e) degenerate hsunchen. The folk of Ramalia, once
pig-hsunchen, have a fairly high rate of tusk-brothers molesting
their countryside.
        f) magic rituals -- just as on Earth, there are special
rituals to transform one irreversibly into monsters. The
tusk-brother is one such monster.

Sandy P.


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