Re: Morocanth & Balls of Tails

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 05:54:39 EEST

>The cover of Tales 14 shows a scrawny Morokanth martial artist attack a
>mounted tusk rider lancer having a smallish Ball of Tails on his belt.
>Herdmen certainly don't provide any prolonged backside appendage.
Cutting out >the other (very Tusk Rider) possibility, what would a
"tail" of a female herd >man look like?
        The left hand of a herd man substitutes for the "tail" in
this ritual and other, similar, rituals. So get your mind out of the
gutter, Joerg. This is a _family_ Digest.

>Why would a Morokanth attack somebody for a ball of tails?
        1) because the morocanth wants to free the bound animal
spirits back into Eiritha's cycle, thus getting brownie points with
the priestesses.
        2) because the morocanth is evil, and wants the ball of
tails for his own, so _he_ can use the bound spirits.
        3) because the tusk rider has some herd man hands, too, or
if he doesn't, anyone who'd make a normal ball of tails wouldn't
stick at collecting herd man hands, too.


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