Re: Balls of Tails

Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 06:41:14 EEST

In a message dated 96-05-28 18:03:43 EDT, Joerg Baumgartner writes:

>Why would a Morokanth attack somebody for a ball of tails? Herdmen certainly
>don't provide any prolonged backside appendage. Cutting out the other (very
>Tusk Rider) possibility, what would a "tail" of a female herd man look like?

The Praxians use the Peaceful Cut to speed the herd beasts spirit back to
Eiritha so she can send them another herd beast. Praxians (including
Morokanth) regarded the Balls of Tails as an abomonation as the spirits of
their herd beasts were being bound to them (the tails, or something else <g>
for herd men). Those herd beasts would not go back to Eiritha to return as
another herd beast and thus the Praxians would suffer and ultimately if the
spirits kept being bound, the Praxians would starve as their herds would not
return. As I remember Balls of Tails could be made without any special spells
back in RQII, RQIII has only the Tusk Riders using them I believe (no books
handy) and I am not sure if they can now make them from other than Praxian
Herd Beasts.



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