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>Summoning an elemental costs a priest ( a rare, highly-trained and expensive

>individual) many hours worth of ritual. Commanding that elemental for 15
>costs that priest a full day's worth of prayer and devotion for the divine

Actually, you could bind them to the hull and with an area enchantment have a
more or less permanently bound undine at a cost of:

3 POW for the basic binding
5 POW for an area affect (this gives you 5 cubic meters in which you can have
an undine bound and manifested so as to be ready, and someone can then use a
control undine spirit spell. This is variable and also can be added by
someone else.)
1 POW for a Control Undine Spirit Spell Matrix
1 POW for user conditions (like...only usable by waertagi)
plus or minus other stuff like POW Spirit bindings etc.

True they might take a bit of time to make, but they do live on these and I
do not see something like this being unusual when you compare it to the Lunar
Moon Boats which fly!

>The waertagi may have a special knack with undines, but how many orders of
>magnitude easier are you going to make it for them?

They might have the Control Undine Spirit Spell like the Wind Children do as
well as the Water Spirit Affinity (They are tightly tied to the Water Rune)



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