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From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 09:55:52 EEST

        Does anyone in Glorantha have paper currency or banking? If not, I
think the prime candidates to discover it are the Rokari merchants.
It fits
in with the historic growth of banking among the Italian merchant princes
(the Talastar merchants are the closest to the renaissance). But more
importantly, they have a really good reason to develop it - the Rokari
merchants are probably still of the peasant class, and they are forbidden
to use gold by Rokari caste restictions. So when the merchants start to
amass considerable wealth, they must either carry around huge quantities of
silver, or amass their wealth as inconvenient 'personal property' (ie gems
and art), or develop some more convenient forms.

        I think its a common form of discrimination by the Rokari nobles to
demand payment in gold if they haave something they need to sell that they
don't want to fall into the hands of the lower classes.

        On another tack, it has occurred to me that in our numerous
discussions about the oncoming battles between the Kingdom of War and the
Loskalmi, we haven't been considering the power of the Crusade, as detailed
by Greg in TOTRM 13. The KOW are indeed much tougher than the Loskalmi -
but I think the power of the Crusade is powerful enough to give the
Loskalmi a good chance (if we also assume not too many die in the initial
onslaught, and having a few real veteran units starts to turn the Loskalmi
into a real fighting force).
        Certainly its the best hope for the Loskalmi yet. The only problem
is that they are only permitted to invoke the power of the Crusade if given
the personal permission of Hrestol. Perhaps we now have a clear idea of one
of the most crucual heroquests of the conflict (perhaps undertaken by Sir
Meriatram?) - to seek the personal permission of Hrestol. Otherwise, I am
sure that they will attempt to invoke it anyway, and then the Inquisition
will be loosed and Hrestoli tuned against Hrestoli at the worst possible
        And I am sure the five ancient horrors of Fronela, as described by
ike Dawson in Codex, would also have something to say on the matter.




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