From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 12:01:52 EEST

>When i have to think up such things i usually go to Claude
>Levi-Strauss' books on 'Mythologies,' and i can strongly suggest that you
>all take a look at his work.

        From what I know so far, there are serious flaws to the work on
myth of just about everybody on the subject of myth, particularly including
Levi-Strauss and Joseph Campbell. But any attempt to explain and categorise
myth has got to be useful to anyone interested in looking at how to create
myth, so my advice is to trust in no single theory (like a good
post-structuralist). That given, as Levi-Strauss is both interesting and
very far removed from Joseph Campbell in his opinions, he is probably a
good person to look at second (Campbell remains the most important for a
person coming from a Gloranthan interest, just because of the amount
Campbell is used by Greg and others in formulating the Gloranthan concept
of heroquesting).


                David (who is planning to present a talk on myth at a local
SF Con in January, so will probably write something nice up for the
Glorantha-phile audience then. And I promise not to use the words emic or
etic more than once.)


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