From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 12:16:01 EEST

        Sandy has already ably answered, but here's my take

> 1. Who lives in The Tower of Lead? (i think he means in dorastor)

        Whoever you want. The Castle has outlived many tenants. I haven't
decided who lives there IMG.

> 2. Are there any 'gorp-geysers' in The Land of Doom?

        Probably. But I wouldn't know where.

> 3. Is there some Pamaltelan chaos lurking in Dorastor? eg. charnjibber

        I'm sure that some such things have appeared at some time. Between
chaotic hero-scholars like Ralzakark, rampant Thed worship producing
numerous chaos voids, Pocharngoists, and numerous other horrors, just about
anything chaotic has probably appeared there sometime.
        I think CharnJibbers are not found there regularly though - ie I
don't think there is an active population of charnjibbers the way there is
in Pamaltela, just the odd horrid thing. The same probably goes for other
Pamaltelan species (such as the grue, for example).

> 4. Why is Farong Farash (sp?) of Tink so bloomin' weird?

        Mostly because he is a man out of his time (he first lived during
the EWF, I think), partly because his years of solo imprisonment as a ghost
probably drove him nuts, partly because he was quite possibly a pretty
strange guy to begin with. And probably a little bit because he hangs out
with other strange people.

> 5. Can malkioni worshippers get divine intervention, and if so, how
>would it work?

        I think your average Malkioni gets intervention via saints - but it
probably works like DI. Saints themselves might get intervention direct
from the creator, or they may not, but I'm sure the infidel (like me)
wouldn't really understand the real story anyway.

        Anyway, IMHO DI is mostly there as a game convenience to keep PCs
alive - I think in Glorantha it is vastly rarer than the game would

> 6. What are 'tusk brothers?' (ie. were-pig things that cropped up in
>some old RQ2 stuff, which now seem to have disappeared)

        Just were-pigs. I'm sure many people feel they are the result of
Tusk riders that spend too much time alone with their tuskers, but people
spread all sorts of vile slander about them (and not a few vile truths as




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