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Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 17:29:59 EEST

After getting some more breath when the Con was over I will write a few
words about the Rise of Ralios LARP what was held at Castle Stahleck on the
VII. RQ - CON in Germany.

I can't say anything else about this con because I have done nothing else
then Rise of Ralios (writing, rewriting characters, printing cards for
abilities and skill and so on). But at least I managed it to get everything
right in time.

The LARP Rise of Ralios started with an introduction of all important people
in the manor room of castle Stahleck.

The registration of the knights for the tournament was a little stressing
for the Herold of Kustria, but I did it good. But he forbid it to the trolls
to take part in tournament and they got very angry afterwards.

The jousting was very good and interesting. All the champions where thrown
out early. There was a jousting of 32 knights with a jousting of 53 times
after which we got the new champion of the joust. The champion was Sir
Gilbert de la Faucille (which was in fact Glisandour - the daughter of King
Gundreken in disguise, because woman where forbidden to take part in the
tournament). Espesicially interesting was Trokatan Who-saw-the-flash,
Champion of king kocholang, riding a moose into the joust.

Meanwhile all the people (kings, dukes, archdukes, Bishops, barons, counts,
trolls, knights and the inquisition) started their to fullfill their aims.

The important things where the uniting of Estal and Helby as the state of
New Estal. Guy de Loimbard and his army was lead by them (with the help of
Tiskos and the army of Daran of Albortis) into an ambush in which the army
was defeated to the last men. Then they started to reconquer Daran for
Albortis, which was given back to him and Seschnela get his army back into
their borders of 1624 (So Dangim got free again).

Count Darmangon converted to the Galvosti church and allied Borin to Holut
after he has betrayed some boristi. Lady Elanzine of Tarasdal was married to
Sir Oruale de Guindoel Champion of the castle Coast and Glisandour got at
least her mate Prinz Romaine. Both where married through Drastan ai Kitor
the Magi of Carmania.

Especially the Trolls of Guhan and Halikiv made a lot of trouble on the
tournament. The have eaten the Count of Holut, Tonnero Querida a Holut and
the high priest of Argan Argar of Halikiv, Gruschbad. They also through a
lot of Darkness on the castle.

The Orlanthis of Lankst and eastern Ralios founded after the first darkness
a lightbringer circle in the middle of a thunderstorm they have created and
started to a lightbringer Quest twice. And they got something they don't
wanted. Garundyer, the hero of the seven stroms, got into big trouble
through this.
But the Orlanthi of Lankst get a big hit by converting Surantyr to Orlanth.
Surantyr was converted thrice, back to his church through reading his books
of the henotheistic church written by himself, and then to Orlanth again. At
the end Otkorion ended to exist. Surkorion and Otkorion get to be part of

The second part of the tournament was a little bit confused through all the
mythical events which happend there and the revolting of the world of losers
movement in the city of Kustria. So the King of Kustria declared martial law
over the kingdom of Kustria. After this done the tournament stopped and no
grand melee could be started (what was very sad for most of the knights).
Because there are a lot of Arkats runing around on the tournament.

Arkat the troll was given a duell by Arzuban Ironarm in which Arzuban was
sended to hell for the third time and got back through Eronia of the healing
Hand. At least the lightbringer have done the Red goddess quest and got
Nysalor and the starbear to defeat four of five Arkats. But in the end all
Arkats, the lightbringers and the united Army of Ralios started to defeat
the uprising Arkat the Chaosmonster. Nobody knows what has happened after this.

I hope we will be able to play this tournament one time again.

But for everybody who are interested in I can offer the booklet for the LARP
'Rise of Ralios'. It has 40 pages and everything of interest of Ralios is
written down there. For prices and payment get in direct contact to me.

Ingo Tschinke


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