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Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 16:45:23 EEST

D M McNamara <> wants some questions answering:
> 2. Are there any 'gorp-geysers' in The Land of Doom?

I seem to recall that these are mentioned somewhere. There is no reason why
there shouldn't be.

> 3. Is there some Pamaltelan chaos lurking in Dorastor? eg. charnjibber

I don't believe that Nysalor/Gbaji's Empire ever stretched that far. But given
the powers of Chaos and the HeroQuesting ability of the Boss Broo it may be

> 4. Why is Farong Farash (sp?) of Tink so bloomin' weird?

He is the re-incarnation of a spirit left over from the time of the Empire of
the Wyrms Friends in the body of an unfortunate adventurer.

> 5. Can malkioni worshippers get divine intervention, and if so, how
> would it work?

No, they can't. And it is Heresy to suggest otherwise.

> 6. What are 'tusk brothers?' (ie. were-pig things that cropped up in
> some old RQ2 stuff, which now seem to have disappeared)

The RQ3 write up of the Cult of The Bloody Tusk is in Ancient Secrets of
Glorantha. The Tusk Riders seem to be a human/troll mix although most people
believe they mate with their pigs....

Chris Francis <> he say:
> As I recall, the antipathy arose when ducks were blamed for the Starbrow
> rebellion (how and why I don't know -- any ideas?).

I believe it was yet another of Fazzur's Good Ideas. He proposed the Ducks as
a scapegoat to allow the other Sartarite tribes a facing saving way of
disavowing their participation in the rebellion. To their shame the other
tribes agreed and let the Ducks get screwed.

This also had the effect of weakening the unity of the former Kingdom of Sartar
which had always protected the Ducks. This subtle bit of temptation to betray
the highest ideals of your former ideology is typical of Lunar manipulation.

Lewis Jardine <> asssures us that:

> So there you go, the Vadeli are the French!

Which is both wise and true but then goes on to say:
> As you may have guessed the English are the Brithini!
> Those of you who think they are the Lunars are tragically wrong...

What do you mean? Trying to identify us with a bunch of xenophobic, neophobic
hierarchical lunatics with an in-built terror of Sex! I mean.....


I send around some of the boys to see to you, Meeester Jardine....

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