One Word, Favourite Duck

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 19:33:00 EEST

Simon Bray:
>P.S My favourite image of Ducks is the two portrayed in GW RQ III Monsters
>book, I showed them to my players when they each joined our group, and they
>never once imagined a duruluz as Donald.

My favourite non-Donald one became the cover of Free INT 6. It shows a duck
of roughly the same body proportions as Donald, but a less comical beak.

The IMO best Donald-style duck was depicted on last year's German RQ-Con
t-shirt. I might auction a spare one off at Convulsion...

Nils Weinander on One word & more

>To me the one defining word for Glorantha is myth. What makes Glorantha
>most fascinating to me is the living myths and their reflections in
>just about everything about the world.

I would have chosen that, too, as the inside phrase for my fascination with
G-world. On the non-gameworld level, the key word to me is "Communication"
(and it's a Rune, too...). To be able to explore and expand the world
interactively with all you people here, and on the conventions, is perhaps
the main attraction of Glorantha to me.

>Erik: great duck stuff. I loved the Durulzan myth.

So did I. If anybody feels the need to complain that Durulzan became a
subcult of Orlanth, rather than the beast people's main deity Cragspider -
oops, Arachne Solara - check out the Composite History of Dragon Pass, which
describes Ironhoof as a perfectly Orlanthi chieftain.

>Peter M: lovely morokanth story. Great summary of how the Praxians
>feel about each other too.



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