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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 29 May 1996 - 22:07:38 EEST

HOW TO MAKE A BALL OF TAILS (Sandy's version)
        You must know a spirit binding enchantment. In my rules,
there is only one spirit binding spell, which costs a variable
amount of POW depending on the number of characteristics of the
spirit. Thus, a Power spirit, with POW alone, costs 1 POW to bind.
An elemental, with STR, SIZ, and POW, costs 3 POW, etc. To generate
the ball, you kill a Praxian herdbeast using the Bloody Cut skill (a
kind of reverse Peaceful Cut), and cast your Spirit Binding.
Success in both rolls traps the beast's soul in its tail for your
use. A beast's soul, though it has fixed INT, can only be used as a
POW spirit.
        The Bloody Cut is taught by the Tusk Rider cult, but anyone
who knows Peaceful Cut can try to reverse it to generate a Bloody
Cut (at 1/2 Peaceful Cut chance). The Bloody Cut is not also a
spell, unlike Peaceful Cut.

Sandy P.


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