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Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 02:37:46 EEST

David Cake:

> Does anyone in Glorantha have paper currency or banking? If not, I
>think the prime candidates to discover it are the Rokari merchants.

If anything, I don't think Paper money will arise for another 20-30
years. It's only been 40 or so years since the Opening of the Oceans.
Other contenders IMO are the Kralori and the Lunar Empire when they
were under severe pressure from Sheng Seleris. This is because I've
heard a charming anecdote about the Yuan Dynasty: they introduced paper
currency because they were in dire financial circumstances. But nobody
really trusted the money and so they eventually went back to coinage.

Thus IMO the Lunar Empire began issuing paper IOUs before it went under
whereas the Kralori managed to weather the storm. (This is *if* they
had used paper currency in the first place). Once Sheng was defeated,
paper currency was abandoned by the Kralori.

However the really charming tale is about the late Roman Empire.
Apparently they at one point refused to accept their own coinage
in the payment of some taxes!

>(the Talastar merchants are the closest to the renaissance).

Talastar? Don't you mean Tanisor? But Pasos and Nolos would be even
closer IMO.


>My character an adept is trying to become an Arkat follower what dose he
>need to do and could any information be posted.

What is he? A Human? A Troll? Where is he from? Where does he
adventure in? These are important questions in determining the
nature of the Arkat Cult he joins.

Ralios: Several Arkat cults exist here. Some are above suspicion,
others are slightly dodgy like the Masons whereas a few are so
despised they are brutally suppressed. All claim to be the one true
heris of Arkat's knowledge.

Maniria: Either the Trolls or the Temple of Black Arkat. Others
are more qualified to detail the nature of the Temple of Black
Arkat as it has been the subject of more than one flamewar in this
digest (Keywords: Kitori, Whitewall).

Peloria: There is some Arkat organisation there which was involved
in internal unrest within the Lunar Empire some decades back under
the reign of Emperor Celestinus. However the Lunars believe Arkat
was Gbaji and so trying to join his cult is very risky.

Ingo Tschinke:

>But for everybody who are interested in I can offer the booklet for the LARP
>'Rise of Ralios'. It has 40 pages and everything of interest of Ralios is
>written down there. For prices and payment get in direct contact to me.

What language is it in?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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