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>My character an adept is trying to become an Arkat follower what dose he
>need to do and could any information be posted.

        Which Arkat and why?
        Arkat was many things to many people, and basically no one approves
of his entire career. And there are many strange beliefs about who he was
and what he did.
        Remember, many people hate him, and many think he is a tragic
figure (not one to emulate).
        Two places to start looking -
        A good Malkioni who wanted to become a follower of Arkat (if the
two are compatible for his sect) would probably dedicate themselves to
Saint Arkat, as per the Saint rules (found in TOTRM #13 and earlier
versions are on the net). This would consist of being a good Malkioni
dedicated to uncovering evil Illuminates. It may also consist of studying
        A troll, or possibly a Kethaelan human, might join the troll cult
of Arkat (sometimes referred to as Arkat Kingtroll). This requires joining
a darkness cult first, then joining the Arkat cult. This is probably the
largest Arkat cult, but they may not be appropriate for your character.
They teach some unusual sorcery spells.



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